Coming Soon

Sorry it’s been soooo long since my last walks post …. There is another coming soon.

Why’s it been so long ?

Cause my current photo course homeworks and experimentations just seem to have taken over from my writings at the mo.

Flower Posy-01_Cropped+PSd a touch

Been experimenting with a fair bit of still life from flowers, to light and shade on an egg to hand-tools (inspired by Edgar Martins), and Faeries and fairy lights ….and outside, Coventry City Centre to Rugby Town in the rain, and a simply stunning sun-rise over Rugby Cement (Cemex). And, I’ve been doing some photo stuff for the sales and marketing team at my work as well. Oh and I nearly forgot, some portraits of our guinea pigs

The Past in the Present and Future_14_Screw Drivers on Sparkle Black

20150222-04_EGG - Eggcentric Circles

20150221-07_Guinea Pig_Cavy (Portrait Patch)

Problem is, I probably take far too many pic’s, they all need sorting as either keepers or deleters and the keepers all need some post-processing and eventually choosing which to upload to my photostream on flickr and submitting for the next week’s class.

20150131-04_Rugby in the Rain - Library Building

20150206-04_Sun-Rise over Rugby Cement (cemex)

20150129-09_Faeries with Fairy  Lights _ Still Life

20141016-23_Coventry's Elephant _ Street Furniture

In amongst that, I HAVE been writing my next blog post …. A cold and frosty photograhic short walk around Brauston just over the Warwickshire border in Northamptonshire …. and there are loads of pic’s to sort through for that too. At least it combines my two hobbies, country walking and photography.

So please watch this space … the next walks post IS coming soon … and that’s a promise!

Cheers, Gary

PS: If you want to go see more of my non-walking pic’s, please visit my photostream on Flickr using this link 🙂 ….. TTFN. G.

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