20150404_Walking Books By Bob Allen

20150404_Walking Books By Bob Allen

About 2-½ weeks ago, a lady emailed me asking about one of Bob Allen’s books that I’d mentioned in an old blog post. So, I thought I might share our conversation, just in case there’s anyone else “out-there” that would be interested. Whilst deleting names (in the interest of privacy) I’ve decided it’d probably be easiest if I just copy the emails:-

To Me :-

Just came across your ‘To the Hills’ blog in my search for a copy of Short Walks in the Lake District by Bob Allen. Noticing your reference to this book, I wondered if you would know where/if I can obtain it.

From Me :-

Dear ************
Thank you for your email. I have three books by Bob Allen.
• Escape to the Dales

• On Lower Lakeland Fells

and the one you were asking about,

• Short Walks in the Lake District.

20150404_Walking Books By Bob Allen

Walking Books By Bob Allen

I can distinctly remember buying the Lower Fells book from a tiny little corner shop in Elterwater opposite The Britannia Inn, in 1990. They were selling signed copies! and I couldn’t not buy one. However, I really can’t remember where and when I picked up the other two books, although I suspect they too would have been around some 20-25 years ago.The short Walks book has 60 routes all within The National Park, mostly in the south of the district.

Looking inside the cover,It was published by Michael Joseph Ltd, London
The Penguin Group, 27 Wrights Lane, London,W8 5TZ.
1st Published March 1994
2nd impression April 1995

Whether it is still in print and available from new I don’t really know I’m afraid. I would suppose somewhere like WH Smiths would be able to tell you if is still in print or not. However, a quick google shows that there are three new books available on Amazon starting at £62.00 …. which to my mind is rather ridiculous. However there are a bunch of second hand books listed, several asking for just a penny + postage. So it appears you could quite easily get yourself a copy. Hope this helps, good luck in your search.

And then,finally, To Me :-

Dear Gary
Thanks for your reply.
For your info. I did order one from Amazon which has just been delivered. Hardback, mint condition, and just £4.99!! Thanks again for your assistance.
Best regards

And an addendum :-

So there you are, the internet can be a fantastic tool, but please look a little deeper than the first thing that pops up … Sixty odd quid plus P&P, for a book available for less than a fiver is frankly quite scandalous!

And … a last thought, I just love the three books I have by Bob Allen, I use them when the weather is not quite right for heading up onto the high fells, mountains and moors of The Lake District and Yorkshire Dales. I might not always do exactly the walk that Bob has described. Why? Because (as with most guide books I have), I use the route descriptions to get a flavour of the area, what might be possible and then adapt the walk to my own needs referring to my maps …. I perhaps add to the distance or put in an extra climb, or I might even taking a short cut or slight detour just depending on the weather on the day, or the conditions underfoot, or just how fit I’m feeling and whether I’m walking on my own or with others. I guess they are called guide books, so that’s what I do, I use them as a guide.

And finally, these are more home-based books, far too heavy and chunky for carrying out on the hill.

Anyway, I hope the above was of interest.


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