20150906_Potential Youlgreave Circular Walk

20150906_Potential Youlgreave Circular Walk

1st sunday of the month coming up, so walk day with the Coventry CHA A+’ers/walking friends.

Was due to be led by one gent’ who due to recurrence of a knee injury has had to pull out … leaving a void to be filled. Well earlier this week I found myself sending an email saying I’d lead in his stead, saying I’d find a circular somewhere in the White Peak Area, given I’ve done a fair few walks up there over the years.

My first idea was to use the car-park in Over Haddon as the starting point, or  maybe Moor lane Car-park a little nearer Youlgreave (or Youlgrave depending on what you’re reading) but both of these have charges that I felt were just too exhorbitent to cover for a day’s walking (especially as there could be 3 or 4 cars to pay for!).

I therefore switched my potential starting point to Youlgreave itself, which I think has a free car-park and maybe even has toilets. Being in the middle of The Peak District, surrounded by a net-work of footpaths and having both Bradford Dale and Lathkill Dale in very near proximity this is where I settled on.

My citeria was : Approx 10-12 miles, to include a dale or two, some high open land to get some views and a degree of hillyness without being overly strenuous and to try and find something else of interest along the way, such as a village, old mine workings, woods, etc.

I then poured over my OS Explorer Map (1:25,000 scale, no.OL24) to find a route tht I felt fitted, mapping the potential  routes on the “Walkjogrun” website to find lengths … and I came up with 5x variants and the links follow below :

Potential Walk-1 …. 13.5 Miles

Potential Youlgreave Circular Walk 1

Potential Walk-2 …. 12.4 Miles

Potential Youlgreave Circular Walk 2

Potential Walk-3 …. 11.1 Miles

Potential Youlgreave Circular Walk 3

Potential Walk-4 …. 11.8 Miles

Potential Youlgreave Circular Walk 4

Potential Walk-5 …. 9.6 Miles

Potential Youlgreave Circular Walk 5

And there you have it …. Favourite at the moment is walk-3, but with the option of making it route-4 right at the end by adding an extra little bit at the bottom end of Lathkill Dale/Allport village/Bradford Dale.  now all we need to do is arrive in Youlgeave (Youlgrave) at about 10-am and hope that the current weather forecast is right.

  • Dry, settled weather into the new week, and feeling pleasant in sunnier spells, but often large amounts of cloud with winds falling light. Chance of fog Monday and Tuesday morning.