20170329-31_North Yorkshire Coast and Moors

Well, I got the opportunity to go away for a few days, so, if you’ve read my previous post, you’d have thought the lake district would have been where I’d have set off for …. but no, I headed north but to the east coast not the west.

Why ?

That’s simple! … THE GREAT BRITISH WEATHER … The forecast for The Lakes was very poor, wall to wall rain – and yes I’ve walked in the rain, and I can do it, but I don’t necessarily like it, and not being able to see the mountains kind of defeats the object of going. On the other hand the forecast for The North East on the opposite side of The Pennines was mostly dry, a risk of showers, but possible periods of brighter spells (even sun). This was about the best I could hope for anywhere in the country, so I set to work trying to find accommodation (on a budget).

As a life member of the YHA (Youth Hostel association), I figured one of the North Yorkshire hostels would work out ok, and, as I’d really enjoyed staying at Boggle Hole Hostel (just a mile south of Robin Hoods Bay village) some seven and a half years earlier (with my family) that’s where I ended up booking on the Tuesday morning; then madly dashing around pulling my kit together and food for the next few days, travelling up the M1 on the Tuesday afternoon to arrive late afternoon/early evening, with some rough ideas of where I might walk over the next 3 days.

Well, what I ended up doing was two decent sized walks, plus a bit of a photographic wander on the last day before driving home ready for work on the Saturday. So …

Walk-1, Wednesday, = 16.3 miles.
A bit of coastal path, a lot of wide open moorland walking, and a final section of farmland.  the longest days walk I’d done for many a long year. Start and finish at Boggle Hole, up to Ravenscar (Cleveland Way coast path), west across Jugger Howe and Fylingdales Moors, north past Newton House Plantation (Forest) and then eastwards through farmland back to Boggle Hole.

20170329_A North York Moors + Coast Circular Walk

Walk-2, Thursday, = 10 miles.
A super 10 miler with brill’ views over-looking The North York Moors Railway, including a visit to Levisham Station and seeing several steam engines/trains en-route and then a pint and a half of excellent Black Sheep ale in the pub in Levisham Village before the walk back to Saltergate via The Hole of Horcum.

20170330_Levisham Moor + Hole of Horcum Circular Walk

Walk-3, Friday, = 3 miles (approx.)
A wander from Boggle Hole to Robin Hoods Bay village on the beach and wave cut platforms, just enjoying a drop of sunshine, taking photo’s and generally taking it easy. Took most of the day to walk about 3-miles, wandering back and forth on the beach and wave cut platforms trying to take arty pics of rocks and cliffs and mini waterfalls, periwinkles and limpets etc etc. (route mapped is indicative only of my zig-zaggy almost directionless travel, including in R-H-Bay village narrow back streets/blind alleys etc.

20170331_Boggle Hole to Robin Hoods Bay Photographic Wander

Well there you have the bones of my short break. I will at some point document each walk in detail with photo’s, but in the meantime, if you want to see my earlier walks/posts from all those years earlier, please use the following links :-

Well I’ve gotta press on (work to go to I’m afraid), so TTFN for now,


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