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I’m sorry but I haven’t got formal “contact me” or “guestbook” functions at the moment, but if you want to contact me, you can, by leaving comments on my posts or at the bottom of this page, which will get back to me via wordpress.

Alternatively, if you wish, you can email my address, this will not be attached to my weblog, just direct to a personal account. I will try to reply whenever I can.

Regards, Gary

14 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi David, just got back from 2-weeks abroad, will certainly try to be there in June but I’ve got to get myself sorted-out now I’m back home …. I’ll certainly make a relevant mention in my blog and my flickr photo hosting site. Thanks for contacting me, Gary.

  2. What beautiful pictures and fantastic travels you’ve had!

    My husband, sister, and I are planning to travel to the Costwolds in March (from the US), and are trying to figure out some good walking trails. We’re hoping to walk from city to city in the Southern Cotswolds, and are considering Bath-Cold Ashton-Castle Combe-Lacock, possibly even over to Avebury. Ideally we’d love to find scenic walks between each of the towns, and don’t mind detouring. Can you think of any maps that might help us find our way? Are there any cities we should be taking in that aren’t on the list?

  3. I’ve now corresponded by email a few times with Margaret, discussing OS maps, rights of way, what long distance paths there are close to where she will be visiting, way-markings and several web sites that may be of help/interest … I hope Margaret and the others in her party have a really good trip come March.

    Web sites suggested =

    If anyone else wants to pick my brains, then please drop me a line …. I’ll reply with whatever info I might know.
    TTFN. Gary

  4. Thanks for the great info and picks, it really helped me to explore the area on a recent bike ride. I had always wanted to explore the old railway line. My son and I are very interested in the history of it all. So thanks for the info.

    Near Birdlingbury station going away from Rugby, is there any way past the filled in bridge, by that farmyard at Birdlingbury. We so wanted to cycle the whole way and were extremely disapointed when we reached a seemingly dead end (coming from Marton side) there were no obvious way through, I wondered if you new a way.

    Many thanks

    Dave Mann

  5. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for your kind comments. I’m pleased you found my diaries/pix of use, it’s nice getting some positive feedback.

    From my understanding, heading south from Rugby towards Leamington you have to leave the old railway just past the old Birdingbury Station and then use country lanes before joining a canal towpath to head into Leamington. I’m not a cyclist (I love walking) but my wife did this some years ago so it is possible (I met her at the other end and drove her home with bike on the back of car).

    In the future I’ve heard that the section between Potfords Dam and Draycote is to be worked on by Sustrans to bring it up to a better surface and past Cawston the cycleway runs alongside the new bypass road. The railway being turned into a nature reserve by volunteers.

    Further south I think there are plans to reinstate bridges over roads etc. that were removed after the line was dismantled. This’ll mean the minor roads route won’t be necessary … Sounds a lot of work = expensive and time consuming for a charity I suppose. If I were you I’d check out Sustrans’ Web Site :- following are a couple of links … hope they help or lead to other pages of interest. :-


  6. I subscribed to receiving emails updating me on your walks. I heard nothing until now when I have just received 19 of them in the last 10 minutes and I suspect they are still coming through. How do I stop them it’s very annoying. I am going to delete them so they don’t clog up my in box which is not what I wanted to happen.

  7. Sorry Josie, I am uploading photo’s to my last post from flickr and the only way I can do it is one by one to my main pages and then move and delete …. I am deleting as I go …. There were 19 pic’s in total, so should be no more notifications for sometime …. Thanks for subscribing to my blog though, I hope this experience doesn’t put you off when I post my next walk … being written at the mo = Alstonefield to Thors Cave in The White Peak.
    Best regards, Gary

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  9. Hi Josie. Hope you don’t mind me contacting you, but I’ve just tried a new way of adding my pic’s to the lasted 2x posts I’ve just published … can you give me a little feed-back please ?

    Firstly, could I ask if you got lots of email notifications like before ?

    also, can I ask that you open one of the “Alstonefield” diary posts and click on a photo image … hopefully it will launch larger within flickr ?

    Hope you can get back to me. Best regards, Gary

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  11. Hi Adam, I hope the info I’ve given you works out …. Scouting is a great for our kids on so many levels, adventure, new experiences, friendship, discipline, skills, independance and above all fun as they grow in confidence.
    Cheers, Gary

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