The following pages describe walks I [Gary Hadden] have Done; places I’ve been; my experiences and my personal views. I intend my weblog to be both a current and retrospective look at a huge part of my non-working life.

Whilst out in the countryside, I always try to follow official rights of way (e.g. footpaths, bridleways, green-lanes, permissive paths, etc.). However, over the years, paths get re-routed, sometimes even closures happen, and as such route descriptions given are approximate only.

I’ve tried to convey a sense of what I personally did on the day and my descriptions certainly do not constitute or imply definitive rights of way. It is the individual’s responsibility to find a legal and safe route.

Please note: Country walking can be hazardous. The individual should be adequately prepared for their activities. For example, it is sensible to:

• Wear/carry adequate clothing and appropriate footwear to suit the terrain and weather conditions.
• Take sufficient food and drink (plus a bit more for those unexpected events that can and do sometimes happen).
• Carry a sufficiently detailed map and use it.
• Carry a compass &/or perhaps GPS device. Know how to use them.
• Carry a torch, and batteries and a first aid kit.

As the author of these writings, I have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible whilst compiling the information, given that my writings are remembered from past activities. I do not intend to re-walk or otherwise review the information contained in my writings.

Please do not use my writings as a hard and fast guidebook. All distances, times and other such figures contained in my writings must be considered approximate only. It is up to the individual to calculate their own distances, timings, etc. based on their own abilities and experiences.

I accept no liability for loss, damage, or injury to those using the information I have provided.