Route Maps

Route Maps

For home use I have a 1:50,000 version of Memory Map covering the National parks of the UK. This is great for home use as a record of walks done etc. but I haven’t found a way to incorporate the route maps into my blogs, which I’ve always thought a shame coz personally I think seeing a route can make the words seem so much more meaningful.  

However, I’ve just discovered and signed up to a way of creating route maps, and linking them into my walks diary entries. It’s a free site called WalkJogRun where you can plot a route simply and easily on top of a Google map.  Being based on the Google map, you can view it as a Map, Satellite or a Hybrid of Satellite+Map, or a simple Terrain option.

So far (Nov-2011), even though I’ve only created a few routes, I like it, mainly because of its simplicity and the basic information it gives, including :-

  • Distance (toggle between miles + km)
  • A  speed setting / Pace
  • Time
  • and even calories burnt.
  • There’s also a side bar showing a simple graph of the routes’ elevation (heights climbed / descended).

It’s not completely perfect though, as the map shows roads but not rights of way (it’s NOT an OS-Map) so if the route is not significantly visible “on the ground” it could be difficult to mark the exact route … in particular in woods where the path is hidden by foliage, or areas where the rights of way are not walked much and so the path is indistinct.

On the whole though, I think for free it’ll be useful to add to my future walks diaries and give a pretty good idea of the general route. It’s certainly good enough for anyone to get an OS. Map and track the route for themselves. When I get a chance, I’ll start to “back-track” and add to the diaries I’ve already created, like on the ones I’ve done so far ….

  • 20110717_MHW_Chiltern Hills Linear Walk – B-Walk.
  • 20110819_A Sunset Walk Around Draycote Water.
  • 20110814_Long Lawford to Cawston via Church Lawford.

Anyway, that’s about it really, other to say, if you find a particular diary that you’d like a route map adding, please drop me an email, or make a comment on the diary post and I’ll try and get it done … or maybe I could share my memory map routes – would need to work out how though.

Well, T.T.F.N. and happy walking.


June 2018 …. Addendum ….

WalkJogRun is no more …. please see my post :-


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