20081021-36_Langdale Pikes from near Skelwith Force(byJS)

20081021-36_Langdale Pikes from near Skelwith Force (byJS)

The Langdale Pikes from near Skelwith Force.

The path used to head straight across the field in the foreground here, and was very often wet and semi-flooded, so after all the recent rain I was half expecting to do a bit of paddling …. I needn’t have worried as a made up path has now been constructed swinging off to the left and then in a big sweep closely following the banks of the River Brathay …. a huge improvement I must say …. and probably gives much better access to many more people of differing walking abilities. 

The following is a paragrapgh from my Elterwater Circular Walk diary (post-2) … Stickle Ghyll can just about been seen just to the right of centre in the pic just above the trees.

A glimpse of Stickle Ghyll waterfalls descending from the pikes, reminded me of the first “proper” lake-land walk I did with my Dad in the late 1970’s during a family holiday; the “tourist route” climb to Stickle Tarn from Great Langdale and back again; little more than a couple of miles, but a good climb on a hot summer’s day. Little did I know where that first walk would lead … not really to a single view point or a cool tarn to paddle in (though both superb here), but rather to a life-long love of walking, high fells and mountains (especially The Lakes), moors and dales and more views and experiences than you could shake a stick at (a walking stick that is!!!).

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